Henry Street Horrors is Closed

The cast & crew of Henry Street Horrors would like to thank everyone who has visited our haunt over the years. Sadly, we are no longer able to continue with our event. We will also no longer be hosting the Mick Day event. We have had many great years in this community & will cherish all of the memories that we have made together during that time. Thank you for your support!

Henry Street Horrors will not be open in 2015

Sadly, due to a lack of help, Henry Street Horrors will not be open for the 2015 season. The cast & crew of Henry Street Horrors are planning on taking this year off to reorganize, re-energize & recruit so that we can hopefully come back in 2016 & put on a great haunted house.

The Mick Day event that we have been putting on for the last 6 years will still take place on October 18th, but will not feature the haunted house walk-through.

We need volunteers if this haunted house is to remain up & running. If you are interested in becoming a cast member for next year you can fill out the form on our How to Join page & we will be in contact with you.

A Note About Cell Phone Use in the Haunted House

During the last weekend we had several incidents with cell phones in the haunted house.

We have several rules regarding the use of cell phones:

No emitting light sources like lighters, cell phones, or flashlights

We will not shut down the haunted house to search for lost items

These rules are intended to protect your property & ensure that you receive the entertainment that you paid for by entering the haunted house.

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