• Enter at your own risk
  • No Smoking or any other ignition sources
  • We are not responsible for accidents
  • Parental discretion for children under 8
  • Children cannot be carried through the haunted house
  • No wandering from your group
  • No running at any time
  • No food or drink inside
  • No emitting light sources like lighters, cell phones, or flashlights
  • You will be exposed to strobe and strange lighting and tight spaces
  • No touching the characters
  • No profanity
  • We will not shut down the haunted house to search for lost items
  • You may use one of the emergency exits only in case of an emergency
  • If there is an emergency one of the characters can show you to an emergency exit
  • If you use an emergency exit there will be no refund
  • No refunds will be allowed once you enter the haunted house

If you cannot follow these rules you will be asked to leave and will not get a refund

A special discount will be available for members of the armed forces, fire, police & EMTs.  Please be sure to bring ID that we can verify.

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