2014 Review by Zoe Schmidt

Date Visited: October 25th, 2014 | Overall Score: 10

Scare Factor: Very High | Entertainment Value: Very High

Wait Entertainment: The wait wasn’t bad at all. There was a wait, but there were friends and others to talk to so it didn’t seem to take that long.

Actor Performance: They were excellent! They all stayed in character pretty well, while still managing to sometimes point guests in the right direction when they got hopelessly lost. They were very patient.

Costumes & Make-Up: The costumes and make up were fantastic. Honestly, I wish I could have seen them better, because in such darkness it was hard to make out all the details that were very interesting.

Scene Quality: They were fantastic! Every detail was very well done. The strobes made for a very spooky effect, and the various writings on the wall were nicely creepy. I probably would have noticed a lot more of the fantastic details in the scenes if I had been able to see.

Summary: Considering this was only $10, I was not expecting the extreme quality of horror it would have. I certainly wasn’t prepared. It was a very fun time, an amazing deal for the price, and a much scarier experience than I was prepared for and possibly than any haunted houses I had previously been to.