2014 Review by Denise Harper

Date Visited: 10/17/2014 | Overall Score: 10

Scare Factor: High | Entertainment Value: Very High

Wait Entertainment: The wait was very short. Got right in.

Actor Performance: I loved all the actors they did a great job.

Costumes & Make-Up: Costumes and make up was very real like. Some even scared me a little

Scene Quality: It was awesome.

Summary: Well this was my first time at a haunted house and I was very satisfied with this experience, makes me wanna come back again for sure. I took my niece and her boyfriend and my niece left because she was so scared before we even got far into it. I love how they screamed my name at the end, that was very awesome kinda made me feel like I was in a horror video. I will definitely come back. Thanks for all you guys do. Loved it Then end was my favorite of all leather face and his chainsaw was the only thing that made me jump. Loved it.