A Note About Cell Phone Use in the Haunted House

During the last weekend we had several incidents with cell phones in the haunted house.

We have several rules regarding the use of cell phones:

No emitting light sources like lighters, cell phones, or flashlights

We will not shut down the haunted house to search for lost items

These rules are intended to protect your property & ensure that you receive the entertainment that you paid for by entering the haunted house.

If your phone is in risk of falling out during your tour of the haunted house we ask that you would please leave it at home or in your car. It is unfair that we ask all of our patrons to wait while we shut down the haunted house to look for one person’s phone. If you do lose your phone in the haunted house you may have to wait until the haunted house is closed to get your phone back. Additionally, we are not responsible for any damage to your phone should you drop it.

Some of the areas in the haunted house are very dark. This is intentional & required for several of the actors to perform correctly.  Please do not use your phones to light these areas. When you use your phone to light a dark area, you are destroying the performance that you & the others in your group have paid for. Part of the experience of the haunted house is finding your way through these dark areas.

We are aware that nearly all of our patrons have cell phones. We do not ask that you leave them at home or turn them off while in the haunted house. We do ask that you are courteous to all of the other patrons & the haunted house staff by not using your phone while in the haunted house.

Thank You
Henry Street Horrors Staff