2013 Review by mick

Date Visited: 10/11/13 | Overall Score: 9

Scare Factor: Very High | Entertainment Value: High

Wait Entertainment: it was ok we just waited and that buzz noise scared the crap outa me.

Actor Performance: they where really good this year the clowns were ok this year but not as much as i liked before and the hallways were really confusing. but my fav this year was the zombies i went with my friends and it scared that crap out of us.

Costumes & Make-Up: i thought there were really good i liked the zombies and clowns paint work n the actors were really good my fav still is the zombies the way the guy who read the rules just got pulled though the hole i the wall made everyone jump in my group lol.. but the thng that got me the most was a guy with a helmet on in the zombie section he was just hanging there i though he was real but after awhile my friends and i were convinced he was fake lol but as soon as we passed him he almost gave me a heart attack but the way the zombies would follow us was kind creepy stalker lol

Scene Quality: well the clowns had alot of props this year i didnt like the area with the cage in guy i almost scraped my hand agenst something in that part but the last part with all the clowns and the chain saw was cool but creepy the zombies area was just down right sick it looked all moody with the green and the fog just awesome.

Summary: well i come when ever i can i usually like it but this year i swear is the best my fav area this year is zombies hands down.