2013 Review by Cherie

Date Visited: October 19 | Overall Score: 10

Scare Factor: Very High | Entertainment Value: Very High

Wait Entertainment: The wait entertainment was great. There was a scary clown that would come by every so often. He really set the tone for the haunted house. He would slink around low and bang his pipe. You never know when he was going to pop up. He even gave a good scare to the people waiting to pay. One girl took off running and screaming before she even paid. He chased after her. The crowd thought it was pretty funny.

Actor Performance: Good. However it was creepy that they touched you when you went by.

Costumes & Make-Up: Costumes and make-up were also good. Sometimes you didn’t know if it was a person or just a fake character.

Scene Quality: Great! The black light with the tunnel moving around it was awesome! Strobe light also created an amazing effect.