2012 Review by Steve

Date Visited: Halloween | Overall Score: 10

Scare Factor: Very High | Entertainment Value: Very High

Wait Entertainment: they scared my kidas a couple of times, but when my 4 year old got petrified they offered her candy, which was nice instead of just leaving her scared.

Actor Performance: Good times, I enjoyed that they led you without giving direct instructions when you get lost.

Costumes & Make-Up: It was pretty dark and I was focused on my kids so I didnt really see

Scene Quality: Awesome, could have done with a little more indirect lighting

Summary: I came with my 4 year old daughter and 7 year old son. They were wholly terrified! The staff was excellent, only scaring them enough to make them freaked out but never pushing it to where it wasnt fun or the kids hate haunted houses. I was very impressed by how they handle kids going through. At one point my daughter was screaming for her moms hand and reached for it, only to realize after a minute she was being led by a monster…classic!