Pumpkin Carving Contest Rules & Entry 2012

This year we have a whole new way for people to enter the Mick Day pumpkin carving contest.  All you have to do is print this page: pumpkin contest 2012 display it with your pumpkin & take a picture.  Then, you can send that picture to the email listed on the page or use the form below to send the picture in.  This way you don’t have to bring your pumpkin to Mick Day.  All pumpkin contest digital entries must be sent by noon on October 20th.  If you do still want to bring your pumpkin or picture of your pumpkin to Mick Day you are welcome to do so, but it must be there by 2PM.  Pumpkins can be decorated & lit any way you want.  If you take a picture of your pumpkin make sure that it is a clear picture & that the printed page is clearly visible.

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Pumpkin Name

Picture of your Pumpkin

All submissions will be evaluated & the winners will be announced on Mick Day at 3PM. Photo entries that are digitally edited or sent in without the pumpkin contest page displayed clearly will be disqualified.