2012 Review by becca

Date Visited: 10-28-12 | Overall Score: 6

Scare Factor: Low | Entertainment Value: Low

Wait Entertainment: It was very cold so there was minimal entertainment while waiting.

Actor Performance: Lacking for most…..there were an exceptional handful who were awesome….but the rest could use some lessons.

Costumes & Make-Up: Well done.

Scene Quality: The scenes were great.

Summary: The first room after the check in lady at the desk was set up great and the effects and props were awesome. The girl in the room had a bad attitude though and because she was not scary, she just screamed at the top of her lungs. Loved the way they conditioned people to follow the ropes in the dark and then towards the end had you follow a rope in the dark being held by a monster in a room full of scary clowns. Considering it was 20° when we went, didn’t appreciate being sprayed in the head with a squirt gun until I had to towel dry my hair when we left. That was not scary and just annoying. The person who scared me the most was a man who was not even in costume who popped out right before walking through the freaky barrel. I think it would have been more scary if there weren’t work men with flashlights attempting to make repairs to the walls as we went through. Seems like everyone who recommended it either got a better show or hadn’t been to many haunted houses.