2011 Review by Customer

Date Visited:  10/29/11 | Overall Score:  5/10

Scare Factor:  Low | Entertainment Value:  Medium

Wait Entertainment:  I think there could have been a lot more characters out “scaring” the customers. More interaction would make the wait not seem so long on busier nights.

Actor Performance:  The characters performances were executed well, however, there needs to be more scare from the characters. The clown room, is clever! The clown standing in front of you with the ropes is very genius to keep you focus on him for the other scare! More things like this would be better of a scare. More people hiding. The garbage room… Very confusing, I thought it was just a storage room and had to ask a character outside if I was going the right way…

Costumes & Make-Up:  Costumes and make-up were done well

Scene Quality:  The green dot light is very cool, and ‘trippy’ The Vortex like always is an awesome ‘prop’

The garbage room needed more blood, hand-prints, maybe some fake limbs stapled or glued to boxes to make it look like they were shipped or found in the garbage… Could the werewolf have something to climb on and jump on??? the front porch needs to have a scare as well. Nice prop though!!!

Summary:  The people that build the haunted house do a very good job doing what they do. Some fresh ideas, and more of a ‘theme’ I think would help. Whatever happened to JigSaw at the beginning of the Haunted House? Or the gremlin? I believe those set the mood of the atmosphere very well and should be introduced and used again. Characters in the maze would be nice, and maybe some more trap doors. Some wet mops hanging from the ceiling some where in the dark maze would be an idea, maybe some fake somethings like rats, spiders, something “touching” your feet while going through the dark maze would be a scare factor as well.  Once again though, Henry Street Horrors has done a good job. Spook On Henry Street!