2011 review by reed060201

Reviewed by: reed060201   (Event Visited: 10/14/11 @ 7:00 pm)

Review Posted: 10/15/11 on Haunted Illinois Overall Score: 10/10

Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Very Good

Visibility/Location: Wonderful location!

Wait Entertainment: NO wait-we were one of the first in line. There were characters all over.

Length of Event: Not for sure-seemed like forever with 6 4th grade girls:)

Actor Performance: Very convincing and appropriate for their designated areas.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Smooth

Appropriate Ages: Our group cried and screamed the entire time!

Props / Special FX: They had a spinning wheel with a platform you walked. It really made you feel like you were going to lip upside down.

Costumes / Make-up: Looks like they put alot of time into what they did.

Summary: Imagine 2 adult ladies and 6 girls between the ages of 9 & 10. Most of them it was their first time ever at a haunted house. We have just entered the line and a horn sounds. They scream and run in cicles panicing. Hilarious!!!! Security follows us throught-which was very helpful when panic set in. It was also my daughters birthday. The security guy headphoned ahead letting all characters know her name and that it was her birthday. They definitely played it up well. The look on her face was priceless when they called her name! The meat locker section was pretty convincing. Climbing through the fridge to find a way out of an area-clever. Definitely a must and might have to make this a birthday tradition