2011 Review by “Steve”

Scare Factor: Although I was not scared, the girl that was with me had to use an emergencey exit. Nicely done!!

Atmosphere: Very Good as always!!

Visibility/Location: Could use some signs pointing to the ticket and line area. but good other than that.

Wait Entertainment: Very short wait. Some character interaction in line but would be nice to have more for a longer wait.

Length of Event: No clue. Got lost in the maze a bunch!! again, Nicely done!!

Actor Performance: Great Job done by ALL!!!

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Smooth, got bunched up a lil in the maze areas but worked out well.

Appropriate Ages: Well scared the 15 y/o girl that was with me enough to bail…. Yet again…. Nicely Done!!

Props / Special FX: FX seemed less than years past but all worked well and looked great.

Costumes / Make-up: Make -up was superb and costumes were well thought out.

Summary: Thank You!!. This was the first time I have actually been through the whole thing, It was greatly enjoyed!!!

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