2011 Review by Michele Jones

Date Visited:  10/29/2011 | Overall Score:  9/10

Scare Factor:  High | Entertainment Value:  High

Wait Entertainment:  Doug and I miss “Steve” wish he would reappear but the other characters were entertaining.

Actor Performance:  Overall, good.   I think the screaming girls could be more impressionable.  But the charactors do a fabulous job.  I do not get scared in these houses, I think they are funny and just laugh at them…..I can actually say I have never been “scared” of haunted houses….they are a ball of fun for me.

Costumes & Make-Up:  Great…

Scene Quality:  Scenes were awesome.  All the special FX were very well done.  It was very obvious alot of hard work, long hours are put into making the house a success,,,,and it definitley was worth every bit of $10 to experience the fun.

Summary:  Every year we look forward to going thru the Henry Street Haunted House…Please, all of you who are involved in making it a go,,,,,CONGRATULATIONS ! !  You all do a supurb job.  Like I said above,..I have never been “scared” going thru these and I have gone through others as well…..So maybe next year I can be reallllly scared ????  Put your thinking caps on…….KEEP UP THE TRADITION.