2007 review by scurry

Reviewed by: scurry   (Event Visited: 10/26/07 @ 10:00 pm)

Review Posted: 10/28/07 on Haunted Illinois Overall Score: 5/10

Scare Factor: Very Low | Atmosphere: Poor

Visibility/Location: Good. Just follow the directions from the website.

Wait Entertainment: Had one guy in a straight jacket that was really good. Never broke out of character.

Length of Event: 15 min.

Actor Performance: Their performance wasn’t bad but the rooms are huge so you can see every scare coming.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: They have a guide so you’ll never run into the group in front of you.

Appropriate Ages: 7+

Props / Special FX: Props were decent. Strobe lights for Special FX.

Costumes / Make-up: Good. They had a good mix of masks and make-up.

Summary: If you go to this event skip the haunted house and do the haunted maze.

The maze takes about 25 min. compared to the haunted house taking 15. They are $5 a piece. The haunted house isn’t worth it. The maze is.

Any haunted house that has a guide lacks in my opnion. But this was really lame. My girlfriend only screamed once and that is unusual. I didn’t even come close to jumping.

The maze only has 4 or 5 people in it but they do a good job. They move around a lot and scare you more than once.

My advice to the haunted house part is to lose the guide. Don’t be afraid to scare people. That’s what they come for. We didn’t come to stand and talk to the actors in the room. We came to be scared. Shrink the room sizes and you could more than double the rooms and scares.